A discussion on topic of a new law regarding allowing the open carry of weapons on campus

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Common Arguments Against Campus Carry

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Does Concealed Carry Make Sense In Schools And On Campus?

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Common Arguments Against Campus Carry.

Concealed Carry on Campus

after learning of Utah’s campus carry law, Ms. Sarkeesian asked if the university could secure the venue and screen for unlicensed weapons (allowing licensed individuals to carry their handguns into the venue). University officials—who had already promised an increased law enforcement presence.

The CATO Institute concluded that this law helped to stop a massacre at the New Life megachurch in Dec. when a volunteer security guard for the church who was carrying a concealed handgun shot an attacker who had opened fire in the church. and visitors carried concealed weapons on campus.

poll of Illinois citizens .

A discussion on topic of a new law regarding allowing the open carry of weapons on campus
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