Sources of malaysian law

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Law of Malaysia

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Subsidiary Legislation Interpretation Act. An Act to provide for the continued existence of the Central Bank of Malaysia and for the administration, objects, functions and powers of the Bank, for consequential or incidental matters.

Incorporating Latest Amendments up to Act A/ cif 8 Feb sources of law in malaysia 1. classification of law 2. classification of law la w public law privat e law internation al law relationship between individual and state relationship between states relationship between individuals crimin al law constitution al law privat e public contrac t law trust s 3.

The sources of Malaysian legal system law are from two different laws which are the Written and Unwritten law. In Malaysian Legal System, the most important source of law is the Written Law which comprises of The Federal Constitution, State Constitutions, Legislation and Subsidiary Legislation.

1. INTRODUCTION & HISTORY * Based on the common law legal system. Laws of UK were imported and made into local legislation and adopted in the process of decision making (case law) * Direct result of British colonisation between early s to s eg, criminal procedure code imported from India, Contracts act imported from India.

Second, the Constitution is a source of law because it creates and allocates power between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the federal government, which are other sources of law.

And third, the Constitution is a source of law because it .

Sources of malaysian law
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