Youngest author to write a book

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Author Helps Son With Essay About His Book, Gets a C+

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23 Writers Who Were Famous by Age 23

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I was lucky enough to practice through those years as a really school student. Feb 25,  · Anaya is 9 and the youngest published author in U.S. history to write a chapter book. Her page-turner about a boy's struggle to balance life at. Mar 14,  · Anaya Lee Willabus, 9, launched her writing career and made history at the same time when she published her first book The Day Mohan Found His Confidence.

Nov 16,  · The Youngest Author As long as children are writing, younger and younger authors will be able to publish their works. So, in this ever-changing answer, there will appear many young authors.

May 07,  · A British teenager struggling with an essay on an Ian McEwan book didn't get a top grade even after getting help from his father—Ian McEwan.

The award-winning British author says he feels "a. The youngest commerciallly published female author is Dorothy Straight (b.

Meet Jake Marcionette, the Youngest New York Times -Bestselling Author

25 May ), of Washington, DC, USA, who wrote How the World Began inaged 4. It was published in August by Pantheon Books. Jan 05,  · With that book, Jake made history in two ways: the youngest author to hit the New York Times Bestseller list and the youngest author in the history of Penguin Books to land a publishing deal.

Youngest author to write a book
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